AIR Jomsom

AIR-Jomsom is a residency program launched by Om’s Home in Jomsom, Mustang. Established in 2014, AIR-Jomsom invites local and overseas artists and curators for a week-long residency program. Om’s Home offers accommodation and opportunities to exhibit artistic works at affordable prices.

Why Artist-In-Residence in Jomsom:

AIR-Jomsom aims to create a space for cultural, artistic and professional exchange between local artists and visiting artists from other parts of Nepal and abroad. It organizes art education programs for the local youth and children in Mustang and in Manang districts.

AIR-Jomsom, Call for artists:

  1. Residency Period: May to September & December to February
  2. Artists must find a source of funding to cover their travel, accommodation and production expenses. AIR-Jomsom does not provide grants or scholarships.
  3. Residency Fee: US$ 30x7days = US$ 210 & for 14 days US$ 25×14 = US$ 350. The fee covers accommodation and three meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) every day.
  4. ACAP & TIMS – Permit Fee for International artist: US$ 20 + 20 = US$ 40 per person.
  5. We also provide whole package travel costs including residency fees for 7days and 14 days.
  6. It is advisable that overseas artists have health insurance.

After AIR-Jomsom, we offer:

  • Exhibition at Om’s Home, Jomsom, Mustang
  • Exhibition in Kathmandu gallery at an affordable price

How to Apply for AIR-Jomsom  

  1. Application Form ←click here to download
  2. CV/ Artist Profile
  3. Portfolio
  4. Relevant images, audio, video and website links.

Please send listed items by e-mail to

* Please ensure you attach required documents in your e-mail. We only accept e-mails with the completed application form.


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