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KATHMANDU, AUG 20 - An exhibition of paintings and photographs titled Fragments of Mustang is currently underway at Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal. This exhibition is a part of Manang Youth Society’s ongoing project to promote tourism and disseminate information about this region through the medium of art.

In order to carry out the exhibition, the society organised a ten-day field tour of Mustang for the participating artists and a photographer. The participating artists were Erina Tamrakar, Sunita Rana, Bidhata KC, Bipana Maharjan, Puja Maharjan Rajbhandari, while Sajana Shrestha was the participating photographer. The exhibition includes paintings and photographs that capture various aspects of the Mustangi lifestyle and environment.

During their stay in Mustang, the artists worked individually on themes they found exciting. Tamrakar, for example, was

fascinated by the fact that every house,

monastery and road was built on the foundation of stones, and hence decided to convey the importance of stones and rocks in Mustangi life.

Similarly, KC was impressed by the texture of whitewashed walls seen in every house and monastery in the region, which is done using the pigments unique to Upper Mustang. “It seems these walled houses capture the spiritual essence of the surrounding,” she said.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Bhim Prasad Acharya. The minister was visibly impressed by the exhibition and hailed the effort to promote Mustang via the medium of arts.

Chairman of Manang Youth Society, Tripple P Gurung, said that the society was buoyed by the response and plans to launch more such endeavours.

The exhibition is on till tomorrow.

Posted on: 2014-08-20 08:43 

Source: Ekantipur

"Corporate Social Responsibility"

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, Hotel Om's Home with collaboration with Manang Youth Society organized a "Fragments of Mustang" painting and photograph exhibition at Nepal Art Council from 18th August to 21st August, 2014. The exhibition was inaugurated by Hon. Ministry for
Tourism, Culture and Aviation.

The objective of the Artwork is to promote Mustang district to attract more tourist towards the area and at the same time to give platform to the artist and opportunity to see various new destinations in Nepal.

Om's Home believe the interaction between the local artist and the artist from Kathmandu learn something from each other not just in form of art but culture and tradition.

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